Beach Tags - Stone Harbor beach tags are honored for access to Avalon beaches, and Avalon beach tags are honored for access to Stone Harbor beaches.

  • $30 Season
  • $13 Weekly
  • $6 Daily
  • $25 Season (purchased on or before May 31)

Stone Harbor Beach Tag Booth: Stone Harbor beach tags can be purchased at the Stone Harbor Beach Tag Office on 95th Street and the Beach from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily or from a beach tag inspector on the beach.

Phone: 609-368-5102

Protected Beaches: The following beaches are protected by members of the Stone Harbor Beach Patrol: 81st, 83rd, 87th, 90th, 93rd, 95th, 96th, 100th, 103rd, 105th, 108th, 110th, 112th, 117th, 120th & 122nd Streets.

Raft Beaches: Use of rafts and other inflatable objects are permitted at 83rd, 87th, 90th, 93rd, 95th, 96th, 100th, 103rd, 108th, 117th & 120th Street beaches.

Surf Beaches: Surfing is permitted at 81st and 110th Street beaches.

Public Parking: Stone Harbor parking meter fees are 25 cents per 15 minutes. Meters are in effect from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. from May 1 through Oct. 1. Parking Permits are available in the Borough Clerk’s office at the cost of $225 per season. These permits are good in designated lots only. There are three-hour meters on designated streets, four-hour meters at two lots on the north side of 96th Street west of Third Avenue and one lot between Second and Third Avenues and Borough Hall.

Public Restrooms: Public restrooms are available at 95th Street and Second Avenue, 95th Street and the Beach and at 122nd Street.

Handicapped Access: Ramps are available from the street to the beach at 83rd, 88th, 92nd, 95th, 101st, 103rd, 105th, 111th, 114th and 119th Streets. Access from the beach entrance to water’s edge at 95th and 119th Streets. There is access to pavilions at 89th Street and 101st Street to the beach.

Surf Chairs: A total of six chairs are available at the Beach Tag Office at 95th Street & the Beach. There is no charge for the surf chairs, but reservations are strongly suggested. Please call 368-6805 to reserve a chair.